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What grown woman talks baby talk? Mechele Linehan, in distinct baby voice, gurgles, “It hurts me so badly that someone would think I would hurt their child.” Oh, vomit. MH loved her full-length dead-animal fur coats as much as she loved live animals.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Michele Linehan: Free Me? Michele Linehan: Free Me Not!

What grown woman talks baby talk? Mechele Linehan, in distinct baby voice, gurgles, “It hurts me so badly that someone would think I would hurt their child.” Oh, vomit. MH loved her full-length dead-animal fur coats as much as she loved animals.

Mechele Linehan's most recently (2010) televised two-hour "48 Hours Mystery" performance reveals that ML FINALLY acknowledges there is sufficient and compelling evidence for a jury to hang her--again!

ML: ". . . But then I don't want to be naive again. I saw what happened during the first trial. There's no way they are going to convict me. But they did. So, for me to sit here now and say there's no way--there's a way." YES!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mechele's Facebook Page Lies About Her Attorney Representation at Retrial

Re Mechele Linehan's "correction to misinformation bandied about," which appears on ML's Facebook page and is reproduced below, concerning the fact that Jeff Feldman and Susan Orlansky, ML's appellate attorneys, have elected not to represent her as her defense attorneys in her upcoming trial, such information is not made up by person(s) who do not know any of the parties involved. 

The bottom line is that ML is stuck with public defenders to represent her. Law firms "Babs Outmoded" is referring to, below, are usually limited liability corporations (LLC) consisting of partners and attorneys that work for the LLC. If ML's case was as prized and sought after, due to notoriety and injustice issues, as Babs claims, the LLC would take on her case pro bono. Feldman and Orlansky, both Martindale & Hubbell peer-rated as AV® Preeminent,™ 5.0 out of 5, are individual partners in Feldman Orlansky & Sanders, a law firm which is not an LLC. Feldman and Orlansky could FREELY elect to represent ML on a pro bono basis. That Babs invokes "the length of time it took to get ML out of prison after her conviction was overturned as interfering with some firms' schedules, even if they would have been willing to perform pro bono representation of her," is rubbish, because attorneys who would choose to represent ML in her upcoming trial do not require that ML be released on bail first! That is silly.

"Babs Modern original post:

"Correction to misinformation bandied about: 

"It is not true that Mechele's previous attorneys refused to represent her this time. Online posts stating it is so are merely made up by person/s who do not know any of the parties involved. (If they Do professionally know the defense attorneys despite not knowing anyone else involved, then shame on them because it means they are hoping to once again manipulate public perception long before her trial in order to convict a second time with only innuendo and drama rather than real evidence.) 

"Many attorneys want this case because of the notoriety and/or because of what it represents regarding justice and civil rights, but how Mechele chooses her representation is more complicated than who wants the case. Some of the best attorneys in the state informed Ms. Linehan, and others of us, that they wanted to represent her if possible. However, they are exceedingly expensive and the Linehan's were bankrupted by her last trial; and such attorneys are partners in firms they must accommodate financially, not lone individuals working only for themselves. In addition, how long it took to get her out of prison after her conviction was overturned also interfered with some of their firms' schedules even if they'd been willing to do Pro Bono representation. 

"Finally, her public defenders are impressive so there is no reason for her to feel hopeless about not having the funds to hire the heavy-hitter firms who are supportive of her. Since Mechele's release, the number of people in Anchorage, and elsewhere, who have reached out to her, from offering legal help, to bail assistance, to gestures of kindness, to help through the bureaucracies around the city, all while offering her words of empathy and encouragement is truly heartwarming. The Alaska contingent suddenly feels much less alone, knowing other Alaskans want our criminal justice system to be accountable regarding seeking actual justice without using our system for abuse, so Mechele is not alone in wanting to say thank you to all of you/them." [Oh, vomit.]

Mechele Linehan: Free Me?

Mechele Linehan: Free Me Not!

The purpose of this blog is to overturn the latest lies Mechele Linehan has been spewing since release on bail. She is reinventing the facts for PR purposes. We are doing this by setting forth a view of many of the facts as we know them in a cohesive account of major issues. Facts are based on verified sources including authentic copies of critical emails and documents (e.g., copy of voicemail message ML left with New York Life Insurance), audio recordings of ML's full first forty-five-minute interview with Alaska State Troopers, newspaper articles/accounts, etc.

For example, in her most recent "theories," ML is attempting to deny ANY possibility that John Carlin III killed Kent Leppink, as if his trial never occurred. Though JC's conviction was overturned only because he did not complete the appeals process, ML thinks it is viable to dismiss JC altogether as having committed the murder, and thereby herself and all those incriminating emails and other documents from the evidence in her retrial. What folly! Pat Gullufsen, who is an outstanding prosecutor, will simply reestablish the foregone conclusion that John Carlin killed KL with ML involvement. 

ML's Facebook page actually has one of her supporters, "Babs," soliciting the public for 'assistance in investigating the Internet for further information that would buttress a case for Kent Leppink killing himself or for KL's family being involved in his murder.' [!!!!!]

The audio tapes reveal ML to be a cigarette-smoking (she asks for an ashtray), foul-mouthed (she refers to KL's stuff as sh_t) liar. When asked if she knew of anybody who had a problem with KL, despite JC making clear in his emails that he detested KL, ML, off koss, fails to mention him and suggests only Gary, one of KL's fishing boat acquaintances. That she knew KL was dead before the troopers interviewed her is apparent from the fact that she states JC picked her up from the airport on her return from Lake Tahoe and drove her home.

Jeff Feldman and Susan Orlansky, ML's appellate attorneys, handled her appeal allegedly pro bono. They are considered among the best criminal defense attorneys available. The fact that they chose not to represent ML at her retrial indicates their assessment of ML's upcoming trial as fraught with problems. If they viewed her case as an egregious miscarriage of justice, as ML and her supporters claim, they could have elected to represent her on a pro bono basis owing to high attorneys fees accrued for first trial. 

Michele Linehan:
Free Me?

Michele Linehan: 
Free Me Not!

Information posted on this blog derives from, at minimum, 48 Hours|Hard Evidence|Mystery’s “Love and Death in Alaska”; Dateline’s “The Stripper and the Steelworker”; Oxygen channel’s “Snapped”; Wikipedia; all articles on MH case as published in Alaska Daily News and Washington State-based The Olympian; “Free Me” web site; 38 Points of Appeal; an abundance of comments posted on web containing varying degrees of additional factual information; and further research into, e.g., Martindale & Hubbell attorney peer review ratings, Alaska statutes, bankruptcy law, etc.

There are two Mechele Linehans--Right!
Mechele Hughes (aka Linehan/MH) is best described by Judge Volland: “There are two Michele Linehans . . .” There is the Mechele with the criminal mindset and the Mechele who is a fake, i.e., currently not practicing multiple counts of a class B felony, i.e., theft by deception (Alaska Statute 11.46.120). It is also clear from the preponderance of circumstantial evidence that MH was aware, if not solicitor, of John Carlin’s intent to kill Kent Leppink, whom she conspired with JC to lure to Hope, Alaska. JC’s own email (3/31/96) expresses how frustrated he was by KL’s presence; MH in her cruel, psychopathic HAHAHA email to mother Sandy reveals the disdain MH felt toward KL; MH further discloses in another email to JC that she “needs him more than he will ever know”; and MH’s call to New York Life Insurance Company for a refund was, as the prosecution contended, a ruse, because MH was not owner of KL’s policy and thus lacked authority to make changes. The directive to JC in MH’s 4/27/96 email to inform KL, “if JC sees him,” that she went to Barrows to take care of Brett’s kids is also designed precisely to cover her participation in the Hope plan. KL was with his father during these several days (4/26/96 through 4/30/96), and the Hope plan against KL was implemented once KL’s father returned to Michigan.

MH was essentially overtaken by her estimable ability to coax loser men (marks) out of lots of money in exchange for the opportunity to receive her personal attention. MH latched onto JC and KL because they presented the ineluctable combination of being steadfastly in love with her and having large repositories of money, which they were willing to outcompete one another to spend on MH in order to win her affection. MH turned defrauding men out of money into a cottage industry, which she practiced both from home and in the home.

Exploitation of gayness
What is highly disturbing is MH’s exploitation of the long-outdated stereotype of gayness as a painful, secretive condition that should be kept hidden from family and friends. Here, MH tripped herself up, because her emails to KL discussing impending marriage plans refer to conventional marriage between MH and KL and thereby prove she was lying when she informed the state trooper (as recorded on tape) that her engagement to KL was for his family’s benefit, because “he likes guys.” Forming an enterprise with KL (in commercial fishing no less) and named as beneficiary of his will and life insurance policy were each predicated and procured on the notion of a conventional marriage. After spending his last $15,000 on MH, MH’s marriage plans to KL are exposed as strictly a setup for the final financial gain MH could obtain from KL. Kent’s father, Ken Leppink, informed me in a phone call (thanking me for suggesting he sue MH in civil court for wrongful death and committing theft by fraud) that MH left KL so destitute, he had to pay KL’s Alaska income taxes.

What is equally disgusting is the hatred and disdain MH developed toward KL behind his back, despite the critical role she played feeding into KL’s obsession and exacerbating his feelings toward her. She despised him because no matter how badly she treated him, he persisted in his delusion to set a marriage date and pursue her. She was, however, acutely aware that she had pressed KL for every last ounce of his vulnerability, creating a serious rage that would have been unleashed, unless JC took care of the grave problem KL had become for her, once MH skipped out of KL’s father’s visit to Anchorage. Her explanation for expressing to her sister her feelings, “KL got what he deserved” and “he should have been tortured before he died” was she had “just found out KL had embezzled money from his family.” What rubbish! This woman who had no scruples over defrauding two men out of all their money became “disenchanted” with KL because he embezzled? What a maroon MH is.

Colin Linehan is clueless and driven by self-interest
Bug-eyed, chinless, with a bit of a gopher face, CL is blind, exhibits stupidity, and has zero credibility. He rails at the media and prosecution for portraying MH as “manipulative!, a spiderwoman!, evil!,” when the very emails in evidence illustrate MH is the epitome of extremely manipulative and deceptive, pathological in lying, cruel and contemptuous toward KL, conspiratorial with JC, who has absolutely no regard for other human beings, and who acted as a scorpion. He seizes on the fact there is no direct evidence that MH conspired with JC to kill KL, while remaining bafflingly oblivious to MH core behaviors that remarkably incriminate her as capable of persuading JC to rid MH (and JC) of KL. More disturbingly, he does not consider the severe damage MH inflicted in the lives of her three male friends/marks/“fiancès.” CL is desperate to have his choice of an innocent-of-any-wrongdoing wife confirmed. He refuses to accept or acknowledge that MH acted far beyond a practicing stripper’s vocation. She conned men and further took exceptional advantage of JC and KL for multiple tens of thousands of dollars in diamonds, other jewelry, clothes, fur coats, house repairs, car payments, cash, etc. Who at the age of 21 concerns herself with obtaining a million dollar life insurance policy on a mark?

Bankruptcy is advantageous
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not serious as one might think, because it allows the Linehans to be absolved of all attorney fee debt while receiving uninterrupted a physician’s high income. The dermatologic/laser/cosmetic medical business MH and CL were beginning to operate was also taking off, and it promised to be a substantial money-maker.

Circumstantiality of evidence
By far, the majority of cases are decided on circumstantial evidence only, because offenders are careful enough not to leave any direct forensic proof behind. The circumstantial evidence in this case makes for a very compelling argument for guilt. MH implored her sister Melissa to delete the contents of her computer before its seizure in the investigation, but Melissa refused.

Top-rated (AV peer-rated) appellate attorneys Feldman and Orlansky were unwilling to represent MH in second trial, which indicates the case presents serious problems to establishing MH’s innocence.

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May 17, 2010

Dear Mr. Gullufsen,

FYI, the following excerpt from The News Tribune, dated 5/13/10, written by Meg Holland of Alaska Daily News, discloses a startlingly false reinvention of the facts by Mechele Linehan. Text in quotation marks is offensive,  false content. Nowhere did Fitzgerald or Fricke indicate the 'agreements' or 'arrangements' in the first trial's transcripts with the specificity Ms. Linehan now claims:

"Linehan was 23 when Leppink, a 34-year-old commercial fisherman, died. She says she doesn’t know who killed him." [Oh, brother. Although conviction was overturned owing to untimely death, John Carlin III was established at his trial as the killer.] "She and Leppink were staying at Carlin’s South Anchorage house while Linehan’s Wasilla home underwent renovations and Leppink waited for the summer fishing season to start. At one time during those months, Linehan agreed to marry Leppink but it was more of a business deal than for love, she said." ['Business deal' was not the kind of marriage plans ML ever emailed to KL--rather, on the topic of marriage, ML emails to KL show marriage plans between her and KL were strictly traditional in nature; there is absolutely no evidence that KL believed ML agreed to marry him as a business deal.]

“She says Leppink was gay and that he offered to pay her to be his wife, as a front to fool his Christian family in Michigan. He would live in her house and take care of her animals in the winter while she traveled, and she would live in the house and manage his fishing business in the summer. She backed out of the deal after a week, she said." [EGADS! She never backed out of marriage plans with KL; KL was NOT gay; there was no deal that she backed out of after a week; she did not back out of the life insurance; and in her latest reinventions, ML omits any mention of her "saving money for college" goal she maintained was reason for job as exotic dancer.]
“Prosecutors have painted Linehan as a femme fatale who was engaged to multiple men at once, playing them all for their money. She says that’s not true." [Engaged to multiple men at once? Check. Playing them for their money? Check.]
[So which is it on the engagement? Business deal or front to fool his Michigan Christian family to hide fact he was gay, when he was not gay. In recording with state trooper, Mechele Hughes claims in interview that her engagement to KL was because he was gay, and here she trips herself up, because her emails to KL discuss only traditiional marriage plans with KL. She is as unintelligent as she is fake. Furthermore, MH sought to separate herself from the inferior inmate population by changing jobs from the daytime sewing of uniforms to graveyard shift at night washing/waxing of floors.] 

MH's medical emergency is alleged to have been a leaking breast implant (source: comment ostensibly from Hiland Correctional inmate [although they are not supposed to have access to computers] posted following Alaska Daily News article).

MH was placed into solitary several times for breaking rules (source: The News Tribune, dated 5/13/10).

MH will not testify in her own defense in upcoming trial, currently slated for September 2010, because she will be unable to withstand cross-examination by prosecution concerning, at minimum, contradictions between her current oral accounts and proven history of email contents.


Dr. and Mrs. [masked] and [masked] [masked]

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